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What's muffin top?

  • Muffin top is slang for that bulging roll of fat that oozes over the top of your jeans (pants) waistband because your gut is getting larger than your jeans. Instead of saying "diet" or "weight loss", be gone with muffin top sounded lighter and humorous. Join me in my journey to banish my muffin top.

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My name is Tanya and i want to get skinny and beautiful. I am just 12 so I would like to get skinny now then later cuz i dont want people to tease me in high scool so if u have some ideas please write me back on my e-mail: [email protected]

Thank you very much Tanya

Stephanie Quilao

Hi Tanya,

Thank you for visiting the blog. I have to say for 12, I understand that you want to fit in and be popular. We all do. But, my advice to you is to focus on the things that make you special like your talents, what you do well in school, and developing what interests you. Obviously you like blogs, so the more you learn about how technology works, the more you will get a big leap in your future. Trust me when I tell you that the boys worth liking wlll be the ones who like you for your talents, passion, and values. The ones pressuring you to be thin and pretty are not worth pining after. You can ask any "old" lady like myself and they'll tell you the same thing ;-)


2 things:GOOD THING: your pnatres love you btw i luv skinny jeans!!!! but im a grlBAD THING: ppl will probably tease u about skinny jeansi kno this guy at our high school all he wears is skinny jeans and converse . sadly he has no friends..i think you should just order from the internet


I got a pair of semi skinny jeans on acindect last year. I kind of sort of like them. But the REAL skinny jeans are so scary. The only people they look good on are the models in the pictures on that website. ICK. And leggings? I recently saw them worn under skirts. Like I did as a little kid. Not happening. EVER again.


Your answer lifts the itnellgience of the debate.

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